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I appreciated Tim’s classic approach; drawing and building the underpainting using the proper pigments for the foundation. Defining the values and temperature to build toward the top colors.
The zoom class is structured well. The alternating live painting instruction and critique sessions allow plenty of room for discussion as well as watching and learning.
It is enjoyable to be part of a group of like minded artists who appreciate the classic techniques and realism.

Tim’s online classes have been a godsend during the pandemic. I learn with every single session, and the group critiques are extremely helpful. Not only is Tim a very talented, well-schooled painter, he continues to learn, and effectively passes on his insights to his students. The students themselves are so talented, each with their own style. We have great discussions, and everyone is open to learning new methods and approaches to their work. And did I mention fun? We all have a great time!

“Tim’s amazing ability to conduct classes in both Italian and English means no one misses out on information.  The classes are also recorded so you can go back and refresh on techniques.  It’s a wonderful group of students with varying levels of competencies.  Rome’s morning classes are my evening classes and I highly recommend joining.”

“It has been amazing to see the transformation in all of our work, over the course of the programme and a privilege to work under the shadow of somebody so accomplished. I couldn’t recommend Tim more highly.”

“Tim has a wonderful sense of humor and is able to not only encourage but show genuine concern for all his students and their abilities, which made the classes friendly, enjoyable and welcoming.

Thank you Tim for your special skills, techniques, generosity and for your planning and time and for making the classes possible.”

“I am very happy to have found Tim in Rome, teaching his lessons in both Italian and English he brings you back into another period to learn the techniques, secrets and methods of the old masters. I recommend these classes with Tim if you are willing to put the time and commitment in, you will certainly improve your craft.”

“I really appreciate how Tim patiently answers all our enquiries and doubts. It really was such a productive course which I enjoyed very much.”

The Art of the Finish: from Theory to Practice

Painting the Still-Life: Glass, Wine & Gold